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Buying Agent Of Handcrafted Stationery Products


We have an Exclusive vendor base to offer best of stationery products made from Handmade paper, Lakh, Metal and Leather. These handcrafted accessories will give vibrant & colorful ambiance to your workplace. We have capability to offer variety of stationery products in conformation to the clients' specifications and needs. We are Buying Agency of stationery products include:

• Handcrafted Diaries
• Leather Bound Journals
• Handcrafted Pens, Pen stand, Pill Box & Mirrors
• Handmade Paper Gift Boxes & Paper weight
• Wrapping Papers


Buying agents of Stationery Product & Accessories

Stationery has a wide range of materials like paper , office supplies, writing implements, greeting cards, glue, pencil case etc. Everybody needs stationary products in every part of llife. We offer a complete range of Stationery & accessories made of lakh, which are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes as per the suitability of our precious clients. They can choice the stationary products as per the requirement. These accessories are not just pleasing to the eye of dressing table but also provide the users full suitable during the make-up. We are offering different types of stationery Products. They are as:-

• Pen & Pen Holders
• Note Pad & Diaries
• Mirror Frame
• Photo frame
• Key Chains

We have many more other stationary products. All the stationary products are available on the affordable prices for our customers, which are very useful as well as very attractive, which makes our customers happy & attract the others.


Buying agents of Leather Journals

Leather is a strong and bendy material created with the tanning of animal skin, mainly cattle hide. Leather journals can be produced through different developed processes, ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry. Leathers are of different types like:-

• Full- grain,
• Top-grain,
• Corrected-grain and
• Split.

We are offering exclusive leather journals to our valuable customers. Each leather journal is constructed from custom tanned cowhide and paired with a decorative pewter button cast in our vendor factory. These leather journals are available in three sizes, our leather cover slides over a stiff bound, blank book insert. We are offering many designs such as Celtic, nature, historic and mythic designs. Our bound inserts are smooth sewn using heavy bond paper. All these leather journals depend upon as per the requirement of our valuable customers.


Buying Agents of Handmade Paper Journal & Accessories

Handmade papermaking is the process of making papers, a stuff which is used generally today for writing and packaging.

In handmade papermaking journal a thin deferment of fibres in water is shattered through a screen, so that a rug of arbitrarily interwoven fibres is laid down. Water is removed from this mat of fibres by pressing and drying to make paper. Fiber sources such as cotton and textiles are used for high-quality papers. One common measure of a paper's quality is its non-woodpulp content, e.g., 25% cotton, 50% rag, etc. But we offer to our clients a interesting collection of Handmade Paper Journals & accessories that is stamped with best quality. These handmade paper journals and accessories products are made of Eco friendly material & are purely handmade. We have huge collection of handmade paper journal & accessories to our customers. All the handmade paper journal and accessories products are available on the affordable prices for the suitability of our customers. These handmade paper journals and accessories products can be modified as per the requirements of our clients.